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Glossary of Terms and Services


Verification of Academic Record - The Academic Record Verification summarizes record information regarding the dates of attendance at the university and related enrollment statuses, e.g., class level, full-time/part time enrollment, degree awarded, GPA, etc. It does not provide individual course/grade/unit information. Refer to the Verification Department Web site.

Verification (Degree and Enrollment on the Internet For Companies / Institutions) - To obtain degree and enrollment information, please visit our provider, Credentials Inc. for access and general information. However, to use this service you must register. Note: This service is primarily intended for companies and employment services.

Verification (Enrollment on the Internet for Students) - Refer to OASIS.

Veteran Affairs - The Veteran Affairs Office is responsible for certification of enrollment for USC students who apply and are eligible for educational assistance administered by the Veterans Administration. Responsibilities include processing of all applications and enrollment certifications to regional offices of the Veterans Administration, assistance with problems related to the Veterans Administration educational (or covered) programs, and maintenance of a reference file on all VA students for up to 5 years. Advance Payment: The University of Southern California does not participate in advance payment for VA students. Visit the Veteran Affairs Office for more information.

Veteran Affairs (ASE Application) - Veterans or benefits eligible dependents may begin the application process by printing the Application for Semester Entitlement form. Please complete the form and send it to the V.A. Coordinator by e-mail or facsimile (213) 740-6761.

Visitor - See Limited Status Enrollment