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USC Department of Grades

Frequently Asked Questions

I've completed all my finals. When will my grades be posted to my record?
Instructors must submit completed grade sheets within 4 working days from the date of the scheduled examination for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.  It takes five working days to process grades from the time the instructor submits the grade sheet. Processing of course work completed in "special sessions" occurs periodically throughout the term as instructors submit a representative number of grade sheets.

I have a grade of MG; what does that mean?
The mark of MG (missing grade) results from the failure of the instructor to correctly assign a grade for you on the grade sheet or failure to return the completed grade sheet on time. Grade sheets turned in by instructors after the Grade Department completes the grading process require manual entry into the system. This can result in lengthy delays in posting student grades.You may wish to contact the instructor to determine which failure produced the Missing Grade and ask how the instructor plans to provide you with a final grade. You may also wish to periodically check OASIS. Effective with the Fall 2005 semester, unresolved marks of MG, after one year, will be defaulted to a mark of UW (Unofficial Withdrawal).

I have a grade of incomplete (IN) in a course that I recently completed. What do I do?
Contact your instructor and ask that the instructor contact the Grade Department. The instructor must obtain the Request Assignment of Final Grade From an Incomplete form. The instructor assigns a final grade on the form and returns it to the Grade Department for processing. Incompletes not resolved within one year will be defaulted to a mark of IX (Expired Incomplete).

I am a sponsored student. How do I show my sponsor proof of course completion in order to be reimbursed?
USC does not automatically mail printed grade reports, unless Financial Services reports the student is on sponsored status. Students can print a copy of their grade report through OASIS. Students can also contact the Grade Department (213) 740-5586 and request that a copy of their semester grades be mailed to their permanent address.

I received a grade of B but it should be an A; what should I do?
Contact your instructor. If the instructor committed an error, he/she will initiate a Correction of Grade process with the Academic Review and Retention Office.

I stopped attending the course; why didn't the instructor drop me from the course?
Only the person who enrolled in the course can withdraw from the course. Instructors cannot withdraw a student from a course.

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