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USC Grade Department

Correction of Grades

Correction of Grade Process
A Correction of Grade (COG) can be initiated only at the request of a faculty member. Students who are concerned about a posted mark or grade should meet with the appropriate professor to discuss the assigned grade. If it becomes apparent that an error has been made, the instructor should contact the Grade Department at (213) 740-5586 or to request a COG.

If the professor maintains that an appropriate mark has been assigned but the student feels differently, the student should follow the process outlined in SCampus under Disputed Academic Evaluation procedure.

Resolution of Incompletes (IN) & Missing Grades (MG)
Missing Grades (MG) and Incompletes (IN) are often resolved through alternative processes. The following table should provide assistance in determining how to best address these issues:

Situation Resolution Where Solution Made
Instructor originally failed to assign a grade and is now prepared to assign final grade. MG to final grade Grade Department (JHH 106)
Instructor assigned an Incomplete (IN) and student has completed course work prior to the deadline date (one year). IN to final grade Grade Department (JHH 106)
IN expired, petition to extend time was granted, and work was completed by the extension date. 1. IN to IX to IN
2. IN to final grade
1. Academic Review and Retention Office (TRO 101) for Petition,
2.Grade Department (JHH 106) to assign final grade
IN expired but course work was completed before the deadline of expiration. IN to IX to final grade Grade Department (JHH 106)
IN mistakenly assigned. IN or MG to final grade Grade Department (JHH 106)
MG resulting from grade sheet not being submitted or a petition to register or add late being approved. MG to final grade Grade Department (JHH 106)