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USC Department of Grades

Grading and Correction of Grades Handbook


As stated in the Academic Policies section of the University Catalogue, "A grade once reported to the Office of Academic Records and Registrar may not be changed except by request of the faculty member to the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures (CAPP) on a Faculty Request for Correction of Grade form.  Changes should be requested only on the basis of an actual error in assigning the original grade, not on the basis of a request by the student or special consideration for an individual student.  Students are not permitted to complete course work after the semester has ended."

The Correction of Grade (COG) process is handled by the Academic Review Department, TRO 101, MC 0912, (213)740-7741.  Once the Academic Review Department receives a request for the required official Faculty Requested Change of Grade form (COG), it is then system-printed with specific pertinent data.  The printed form is sent to the instructor, who personally completes and signs the form.  The form is then endorsed in the form of a counter signature by the department chair of the course and the dean of the school of the course.  The form is returned to the Academic Review Department for processing.  For obvious reasons, students (including university work study students employed by a department) are not allowed to request, pick-up, deliver or otherwise handle COG forms.

How to Make a Request

A form may be requested either by telephone (213)740-7741 or by memo written on departmental letterhead and directed to the Academic Review Department, TRO 101, MC 0912.  Requests for two or more students must be made in writing.  If a mistake has been made for a whole class or a significant portion of the class, a special group procedure may be used.  Contact the Academic Review Department for instructions at (213)740-7741.

Only the instructor or the departmental COG coordinator (if authorized by the instructor) may request a COG form.  Teaching assistants may not request a COG form.  If it is impossible to reach the instructor and the department has the records, the chair may make the request or direct the COG coordinator to act for the chair in making the request.  Refer to Signatory Requirements for the correct procedure in these circumstances to process the form after it has been requested.

The following information is needed to initiate a request, listed in the following order:

  1. student's Identification Number
  2. student's full name
  3. requester's name, campus address and campus phone
  4. semester of the course in question
  5. class number (section)
  6. course number
  7. old grade
  8. new grade
  9. instructor's full name

Other COG Policies and Procedures

Initial requests for forms cannot be processed or the form generated by the system if any of the information submitted is inaccurate, if the instructor listed is other than that listed on the system as the instructor of record for the course, or if the current grade is IN or IX and it cannot be confirmed that it was assigned in error.  (The COG process cannot be used to assign a grade to remove a completed mark of IN.  Refer to Other IN Completion Policies and Procedures for the correct procedure to assign a grade when a mark of IN is being removed because the work has been completed.

The Correction of Grade Process will be completed within a few days after a COG form has been returned from the academic department to the Academic Review Department if there are no problems with the completed form.  The form will be returned to the department with no action if the signature is missing, has an incorrect signer, the description of error is missing or the description is so general or ambiguous that it is not clear whether the request meets CAPP guidelines. Refer to Signatory Requirements.   The description "clerical error" is unacceptable; full details for any error must be provided.  The form will also be returned for further information if it appears that the correction is based on work accepted from the student after the end of the semester.  A request for a COG is voided altogether if the error is clearly contrary to CAPP guidelines.