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Click the "Log in" icon to access the Grading and Roster System


GRS Frequently Asked Questions

What is my login information?

Your username and password are the same as for your email account. For example: if your email address is, then your username is jsmith.

What if I can't log in?

  1. Make sure you are using the correct username and password. If you have never accessed your USC email account before, you may need to first set up your account by going to This will walk you through the set-up process and activate your account. Should you have forgotten your password, you can contact ITS at (213)740-5555 to have them reset it for you or by going online to ITS information and help can also be accessed at
  2. Make sure your department scheduler has entered your name with your appropriate role for the course (ie. Instructor, grader, teaching assistant, overseer, approver, etc.) If you are not entered in a role, you will not be able to access GRS.

I have successfully logged in but I do not see the course(s) I need to access.

Again, be sure that your department scheduler has added you to the appropriate role (instructor, grader, approver, teaching assistant, overseer, etc.) and that you have selected the appropriate role at the "Which role would like to login with?" prompt.

I see my course listed but when I click on it, all I see is the list of students. I can't do anything with it.

Be sure that you clicked on the "Grade Students" link and that you are currently in your course's grading period. This will be displayed in the gray box near the top of the GRS screen. Grading cannot occur until the grading period begins, nor can any grading happen after the grading period ends.

What is my final grading period? When are grades due?

Your final grading period will always be displayed in the gray box near the top of the GRS screen. Final grading generally begins on the first day of final exams and ends four business days following the last scheduled final exam. Your individual grades are due four business days following your scheduled final exam.

I have entered grades for all students in my section, but I do not see how to submit them.

You must first click the "save" button to save your grades before the submit button will appear. Once you click "submit", you must then "confirm" the grades by clicking the "confirm" button. This is an opportunity to review your grades before submitting them. Note: once grades have been submitted to the GRS, no changes to the submission may be made.

I realized I made an error after I submitted my grades. How can I fix it?

Once grades are submitted, no changes can be made in the GRS. Contact the grade department at (213)740-5586 for instructions on how to correct the error. Once the grades are released to the student's record, then they can only be changed through a Correction of Grade procedure through Academic Review. You should also refer to the Correction of Grades Handbook for more information regarding grades and changes to grades.

My grades have been submitted. How do I know that I submitted them correctly?

Upon successful submission, the yellow "STATUS" box near the top of the GRS screen will change to indicate that your grades have been "requested to be sent". The next day, after the nightly processing of grade submissions, the "STATUS" message will change to "Submitted to grade department".

I am an overseer. How can I see what sections have and have not yet been submitted from my department?

Courses for which you have an overseer role assigned will be sort-able to allow you to view all courses, courses submitted, or courses not submitted. The sort feature will be available on the top of your GRS page once you log in as overseer. This list will change as instructors submit grades to the GRS. Additionally, the Grades Department will be providing a printed report to departments, upon request, should one be needed.