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USC Benefits


Vision Service Plan (VSP) is included as part of the USC Network Medical Plan with no additional employee cost. HMO participants may purchase it separately. All dependents covered under your medical plan must also enroll in VSP. Employees enrolled in an HMO must provide their Social Security Number to the eye care provider when verifying eligibility. To find a provider, visit the VSP website.

VSP does not issue ID cards; the optometrist office will verify your eligibility by using your USC Network Medical Plan subscriber ID number (if you are enrolled in that plan). HMO participants who've chosen VSP can use their Social Security number to verify eligibility.

Call an optometrist directly to make an appointment. In order to receive the highest benefit coverage you must verify that the optometrist is a participating VSP Choice Network provider. To check your eligibility, view your personal benefits and/or to locate a participating VSP Choice Network provider, visit the VSP website or call (800) 877-7195.

Using a non-VSP provider will increase the amounts paid:
$15 copay for annual covered eye exam Annual covered eye exam reimbursed up to $45
$25 copay on (annual) eyeglass lenses and/or (every other year) frames; frames covered up to $170 Frames (every other year) covered up to $55; eyeglass lenses (annual) reimbursed from $45–$125
Annual contact lenses reimbursed up to $150 Annual contact lenses reimbursed up to $150
Laser eye surgery—average 15% off regular price or 5% off promotional price No benefit
Cost for Vision Service Plan (when purchased separately)
Employee cost (salary reduction–pretax dollars) Monthly Biweekly
Employee $7.62 $3.81
Employee + adult $10.56 $5.28
Employee + child(ren) $10.76 $5.38
Employee + adult + child(ren) $17.34 $8.67