University of Southern California

USC Benefits

457(b) plan

    USC offers a 457(b) deferred compensation plan to a select group of management and highly compensated faculty and staff as defined by the IRS.

  • You must be an eligible faculty or staff employee with eligible earnings of more than $198,333 in 2013 earnings for 2014 participation
  • The plan is governed by Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor and California securities rules that impose specific limits on eligibility criteria

How to enroll

Newly eligible faculty and staff or those who did not select "Continue Prior Year's Election" in prior year(s) are contacted annually by the Benefits.

Enrollment is a two-step paper process (at this time enrollment cannot be done online):

  1. Complete the 457(b) Salary Deferral form if you are a new participant or wish to change your prior year's election/vendor
    • Form sent annually by Benefits to eligible participants
  2. Complete appropriate vendor paper enrollment form if you are a new participant (to choose your investment funds) or if you are changing to a new vendor
    • Vendor forms may be requested from the Benefits
    • Review the various investment options for each vendor by clicking on the applicable links under Vendor sites on this page