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The Center for Laser Studies is a research organization within the School of Engineering at USC. It was founded in 1973 to provide a Center for a broad range of interdisciplinary basic and applied research in the field of quantum electronics. The projects currently underway are determined by the interest of the faculty and the availability of the funding. The center is currently staffed with 7 faculty, 4 full time research scientists, 2 support staff, 25 graduate students and 10 undergraduates. Housed in the Denney Research Building, it contains 12,000 square feet of laboratory space.

The Center for Laser Studies conducts a varied research program in the field of quantum electronics. The research interests of the group are broadly based in the areas of optical properties of matter, new lasers and laser research, optical devices, optical systems and laser materials processing.

Studies include optical nonlinearities in semiconductor materials, including quantum wells, heterostructures and bulk samples at times down to femtoseconds. Infrared laser development includes optically pumped solid state laser research and growth and analysis of infrared semiconductor lasers. Properties of locked semiconductor laser arrays and semiconductor lasers in external cavities are also studied. Bistable optical devices and integrated optical devices are designed, fabricated and tested at the Center. Optical disk recording and fiber optics systems are also under investigation.

Research Groups

Optical Devices Research Group
Research at High Speed Technology
Semiconductor Device Technology
Solid State Lasers
Theoretical Research

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