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Apr 09
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Gerentology Auditorium
Imaging with Noise
George Papanicolaou Stanford, CAMS Distinguished Lecturer

It is somewhat surprising at first that it is possible to locate a network of sensors from cross correlations of noise signals that they record. This is assuming that the speed of propagation in the ambient environment is known and that the noise sources are sufficiently diverse. If the sensor locations are known and the propagation speed is not known then it can be estimated from cross correlation information. Although a basic understanding of these possibilities had been available for some time, it is the success of recent applications in seismology that have revealed the great potential of correlation methods, passive sensors and the constructive use of ambient noise in imaging. I will introduce these ideas in an interdisciplinary, mathematical way and show that a great deal can be done with them.
Things become more complicated, and a mathematically more interesting, when the ambient medium is also strongly scattering. I will end with a review of what is known so far in this case, and what might be expected.

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