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Computational Science and Engineering including Analysis of High-dimensional Data Sets, Computer-aided Design, High Performance Computing, Networks
Control Theory including Identification and Control of Infinite Dimensional or Distributed Parameter Systems, Stochastic Adaptive Control
Discrete Mathematics including Algebraic, Combinatorial and Probabilistic Techniques, Coding Theory, Computational Geometry, Computational Number Theory, Cryptography, Graph Theory
Fluid Dynamics including Chaotic Systems, Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations, Geophysical Flows, Turbulence
Mathematical Biology including Computational Biology, Genomics, Neural Networks
Mathematical Finance including Optimal Contracting Theory, Optimal Portfolio Management, related Stochastic Control and Game Theory
Probability and Statistics including Biostatistics, Machine Learning, Probabilistic combinatorics, Random Dynamical Systems, Statistics of Random Processes
Theoretical Computer Science including Analysis of Algorithms, Numerical Simulation