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Monograph Paper No. 3 

Contemporary Diasporas: A focus on Asian Pacifics 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Introductory Remarks, Eui-Young Yu 
  2. Structure of Dual Domination:Toward A paradigm for the Study of Chineses Diaspora in the US, L. Ling-chi Wang
  3. Towards a Thoery of Diasporic Poetics: Jewish-American Wake of Multiculturalism, Macera Shreiber
  4. Brief Overview of Japanese Americans, Past, Present and Future,  James Hirabayashi
  5. Sociocultural Effects of Immigrant Workers on Transforming Korean Society, Sung-Ho Chung
  6. The Global Filipino Diaspora As an Imagined Community, Jonathan Y.Okamura
  7. Thai Temples As A Center for Southeast Asian Buddhists in the USA, Masaki Onozawa
  8. Korean Upward Mobility And American Ethnic Categories, Hideki Harajiri
  9. The Russian Diaspora On the Pacific Rim, Sarah Pratt
  10. Russian Los Angeles: Introductory Remarks,  John Bowlt
  11. Return Migration Of Japanese-Brazilians in Japan, Keiko Yamanaka
  12. Thai Community in Los Angeles, Somboon Suksamran
  13. The Life Instability of intermarried Japanese Women in Korea, Eung-Ryul Kim