The Center for Multiethnic and Transnational Studies
About CMTS 
Located in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, the CMTS is designed to conduct research and stimulate teaching that is interdisciplinary in orientation; examine differences and similarities across various ethnic and racial groups; take gender differences into account; examine how language, culture, and religious identities both subsume and trascend nation-states and territorial boundaries. We are living in a most spectacular period of history in which it is critical for us to consider these issues seriously as we gauge and plan the future.

CMTS offers acadmicians and researchers many opportunities to become involved in topical issues dealing with race, ethnicity and transnationalism. Our Affiliated and Visiting Scholars, housed at the Center, are working on issues such as immigration, East Asian politics, peace in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the history of Central Avenue, Los Angeles, in the 1940s. In adhering to the USC commitment to interdisciplinary education and knowledge, our faculty steering committee is composed of cutting-edge researchers from across the campus community. CMTS publications reflect our broad interests and examination of current and future social, political and economic changes.

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