The Chronology includes only a selection of events and activities in which the IMRC has played a leading part.  A full listing of relevant events can be found in the IMRC biannual Newsletters (1979 onwards).  As demonstrated by the references below, the IMRC welcomes international and interdisciplinary collaborations, especially for art exhibitions and scholarly conferences.

January: The Institute of Modern Russian Culture is founded and mincorporated as a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas, USA.
Publication of the first of the bi-annual Newsletters.
January-February: "Constructivism and the Geometric Abstraction" and “Journey into Space: The Graphic Work of Kazimir Malevich”, exhibitions and conference at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, Texas.
Fall: “Beyond the Looking-Glass: New Art from the Soviet Union”, exhibition at the Cultural Activities Center, Temple, Texas
Konstantin Kuzminsky and Grigorii Kovelev publish the first of the five volumes of The Blue Lagoon Anthology of Modern Russian Poetry.
1981Harry Ransom Center
April: "Ilya Chasnik and the Russian Avant‑Garde", exhibition at the University of Texas Art Museum, Austin, Texas.
Fall: The IMRC moves into a designated space at the Humanities Research Center (now called the Harry Ransom Center) (pictured left), University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
January: Death of Lord Chernian, a primary co-founder of the IMRC
May 28-29:  “A Slap in the Face of Public Taste:  A Jubilee for David Burliuk and the Cause of Russian Futurism”, symposium and celebration at Dark Hollow, Long Island, New York.
January 20:  Novoe russkoe slovo, New York (Russian Daily newspaper), publishes article on IMRC.
April 22-23: “Pavel Filonov:  Painter of Metamorphosis”, symposium at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City.
May 21: “The Uncommon Vision of Sergei Konenkov”, conference at   Columbia University, New York City.
December 9:  “Journey into Space: Kazimir Malevich and Victory Over the Sun”, symposium at the University of Texas, Austin.
September 7: “The Spectacular Illusion: Russian and European Contributions to Modern Stage Design”, conference followed by private banquet with declamation of translations of Khlebnikov and Maiakovsky in connection with the travelling exhibition of works from the Nikita and Nina D. Lobanov-Rostovsky collection of Russian stage designs.
October 29: “Velimir Khlebnikov: A Centennial Celebration”, conference at the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Washington D.C..
Decemebr 29: “A Festival of Russian Poetry”, conference and declamation at the Church of Christ the Saviour, New York City.
Kerckhoff Hall1986
January: IMRC founds the Listyproject whereby writers, especially young Russian poets living in emigration could distribute their works.
March 7-8: “Centenary Festival for Marc Chagall” at the University of Texas, Austin.
January 10-14: “P.A. Florenskij e la cuktura della sua epocha”, conference at the Università di Bergamo, Italy.
August:  Transference of IMRC to University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Accommodated in historic Kerckhoff Hall, USC.
February 8-April 19: “Imprint:  Russian Artists and Publishers”, exhibition at Doheny Library, USC.
December 1-2: "The Russian Avant‑Garde", conference at USC.
June 26-29: “The Occult in Modern Russian and Soviet Culture” conference took place at Fordham University in New York.
May-June: “A Glimpse of Tomorrow” exhibition of works by Konstantin Vialov at Kerckhoff Hall, USC.
May-June: “The Unknown Comrade” exhibition took place at the IMRC at USC.
October 23: “Tango with Cows” celebration for IMRC sponsored by Marichia Arese and James Simcik in Pacific Palisades, California.
August: "Signs of the Times: Culture and Emblems of the Apocalypse", conference at the Chateau la Bretesche, France.
September-October: “Colors and Words: Chromolithography in Late Imperial and Early Soviet Russia”, exhibition in Kerckhoff Hall, USC.
Grace Ford Salvatori Hall1995
May: first issue of the annual journal. Experiment.
April: Transference of IMRC to Grace Ford Salvatori Building on the USC campus.
1997 with the Yuriatin Foundatuion, Perm, co-sponsorship of the Volodei series of Russian émigré poetry.
June: “Theater of Reason/Theater of Desire: the Art of Alexandre Benois and Léon Bakst, exhibition at the Villa Favorita, Lugano.
October: Theater of Reason/Theater of Desire: the Art of Alexandre Benois and Léon Bakst,” exhibition at the Museum für Kunsthandwerk,Frankfurt (until January, 2000).
March 21: opening of “Myriad Thoughts, Myriad Desires:  Liudmila Ivanova”, Mashaexhibition at the Fisher Gallery, USC (open until April 22). Drawing on theIvanova collection in the Institute of Modern Russian Culture, "Myriad thoughts, Myriad Desires" was complemented by a published catalog, seminar, and docent tours.
August: Completion of "Reconstructing History: The Soviet Union in
Photographs", an undergraduate research project based on the IMRC collection of vintage Soviet photographs.
October: IMRC publishes first electronic version of the newsletter.
April: “Masha Meets the Institute”, exhibition at the Center for Religious and Civic Studies, USC.
November onwards: Involvement in the USC Labyrinth Project with section of Russian Modernism.
April 5: Opening of “The Fantastic Menagerie: The Art of the Russian Cabaret”, exhibition in the Treasure Room of Doheny Memorial Library, USC (exhibition was based on IMRC materials).
April: “Soviet Counter-Culture: An Archival Project”CabaretPresentation by undergraduate researchers using IMRC materials.
July: “Francisco Infante. La dimensione metafisica”, exhibition at the Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
May 23-30: “The Palaia Dance Project”, symposium and performance took place in Palaia and Florence, Italy.
September 20: “Spirit of Russian Culture”, lectures and performance at the Ojai Retreat. Ojai, California.
November: IMRC publishes brochure about its collections and activities.
March 22:  USC Chronicle publishes article on IMRC.
June 27-July 3: “Nikolai Khardziev, A Centenary Conference”, conference at the Odessa Literary Museum, Odessa, Ukraine.
Fall semester: “Documenting Dissidence”, graduate research project devoted to systematizing IMRC documents on unofficial art. 
Summer: “Remembering the Soviet Union”, Undergraduate Research Project.
March 21: Donation of the Ferris Collection by the Ferris Family to USC under the auspices of the IMRC.
September 30: “A Chant of Universal Flowering: The Poetry and Painting of Pavel Filonov,” lectures and performance at the Getty Center, Los Angeles.
February 2-4: “Collezionismo Russo”, conference at the Università di Napoli,l’Orientale, Naples, Italy.
February 17-18: “Illicit Relics: Icons of Stalinism”, symposium and reception honoring the donation of the Ferris collection of Sovietica in Mudd Hall of Philosophy, USC.
Conquering Time and Space2007
April 5: “Beauty and the Beast”, undergraduate on Stalin and the arts symposium within the Visions and Voices series in the Leavey Library Auditorium, USC (drawing on IMRC materials).
April-June:  “Shadow of Stalin” performances, conference and exhibition in conjunction with the LA Philharmonic, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and USC.
April: “Book Art of the Russian Avant-Garde”, workshop at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.
May 19:  “We Are Conquering Time and Space”, symposium on culture and power in the Soviet Union at the Norris Cinema Theater, USC.
October 19-20: Conference, “Rereading Russian Modernism:  The Case of Mikhail Kuzmin” in the Leavey Library Auditorium, USC.
December: Donation to the IMRC of the collection of books. photographs and papers concerned with Boris Pasternak from the estate of Lev Ladyzhensky.
IMRCNovember 13-15: “La Venere e lo Sciamano: Influsso dello sciamanesimo sulla cultura Novecento”, conference at the Istituto Italiano per gli studi filosofici, Naples, Italy.
November 18, 2008-April 19, 2009:  “Tango with Cows”, exhibition and allied events at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.
April 10: Inauguration of new IMRC premises in the Shrine Historic Building.
April 27: USC Chronicle and USC College Magazine publish articles on IMRC.
Fall, 2009 and spring, 2010: three undergraduate research projects conducted to produce an extended chronology and historiography of the IMRC. Website constructed by John E. Bowlt, Adele Di Ruocco, Mark Konecny, Philip Meyer, Oleg Minin, Haley Reed, Tiffany Schallert