Experiment Founded in 1995 and published under the auspices of the Institute of Modern Russian Culture, Los Angeles, USA, Experiment is an annual journal devoted to Russian culture. Although the movements of the early twentieth century receive particular attention, the cultural manifestations of other historical periods such as Russian Realism and the Stalin era are also discussed. Of particular interest to the journal are those cultural phenomena and practices that, traditionally, have been neglected by the academic establishment (for example, commercial advertising, body art, cabaret, and fashion design) and it is hoped that examination and incorporation of such disciplines into critical discourse will provide a stronger and more precise definition of Russia's cultural accomplishment. Experiment appears once a year and each issue consists of essays, supervised by the Editorial Board in conjunction with a Guest Editor or Editors, that treat of a particular theme or idea. Articles may be submitted and published in English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The theme of each issue so far is as follows:

1 (1995): Russian avant-garde; 2 (1996): body movement in Russia in the 1910s and 1920s; 3 (1997): Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences; 4 (1998): Apocalypse; 5 (1999): Nikolai Khardzhiev archive; 6 (2000): Organica; 7 (2001): Russian Art Nouveau; 8 and 9 (2002 and 2003) Vasilii Kandinsky; 10 (2004): performing arts and the avant-garde; 11 (2005): Pavel Filonov; 12 (2006): Russian cabaret; 13 (2007): diaries of Vera Sudeikina; 14 (2008) 19th century Russian Realism; 15 (2009): Siberian Modernism; 16 (2010): Vladimir Sterligov and Tat'iana Glebova; 17 (2011): the Ballets Russes; 18 (2012): Russian sculpture. Issues No. 17 onwards are being co-published by Brill in Leiden. Send enquiries to: Institute of Modern Russian Culture at imrc@usc.edu or check the website: www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/IMRC/. For issues beginning in 2011 (No. 17 onwards) send enquiries to Brill at: brillmktg@jangomail.com or check the website: www.brill.nl