Experiment No. 10

Performing Arts and the Avant-Garde

Edited by Mark Konecny

The tenth issue of Experiment (fall, 2004) publishes the transactions and observations of the Palaia Dance Project. A workshop of intense discussion and practical experiment and interaction in artistic movement, based on original transcriptions, documents, photographs, movies, and other archival sources.

  • Mark Konecny: Preface
  • Lorin Johnson: Making Photographs Move
  • Lorin Johnson: Early Russian Modern Dance: Lev Lukin and the Motobio-skul’ptura
  • Sharon Carnicke: Rehearsal as Research in the Recreation of Les Noces
  • Marcus Levitt: The First Russian Ballet: Alexander Sumarokov’s Refuge of Virtue
  • Elizaveta Sourits: Russian Dance Studios in the 1910- 1920s
  • Nicoletta Misler: L’idole-girafe, Moscow, 1920s
  • John Bowlt: Perilous Crossing: Ivan Miasoedov and the Esthetic of Physique
  • Olga Matic: Three Russian Dancers: Decadence, Art Nouveau, Degeneration
  • Mark Konecny: Dance and Movement in the Cabaret
  • Yuri Tsivian: Film and Dance: Back and Forth
  • Karl Toepfer: Major Theories of Group Movement in the Weimar Republic
  • Toshiharu Omuka: Dancing and Performing: Japanese Artists in the early 1920s at the Dawn of Modern Dance
  • Elisa Vaccarino: Enrico Prampolini and Avant-Garde Dance. The Luminous Stage of Teatro della Pantomima Futurista Prague- Paris- Italy
  • Claire Rousier:  Pour une Recherche en Danse De l’acces aux sources aux developpements de methodologies specifiques
  • Name Index
  • List of Illustrations (on CD)