Experiment No. 14

Russian Realist Painting: An Anthology

The fourteenth issue of Experiment (fall, 2008) edited by Elizabeth Valkenier and Wendy Salmond, is devoted to the activities of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1870-1923), the first art organization in Russia to assert professional independence from ubiquitous state management and controls. Primary documents are paired with articles by leading scholars to convey a sense of the daring and novelty of the Association’s aims (and those of its predecessor, the so called Artel’), its evolution from critical to affirmative realism, and the widespread recognition which it gained among the public, first as a supporter of liberal aspirations, next as the creator of a national school of painting, and eventually as an obstacle to change.

Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions: Peredvizhniki and Peredvizhnichestvo

Guest Editors: Elizabeth Kridl Valkenier and Wendy Salmond

  • Section I. Historical overview
    • Dmitrii Sarab’ianov: The Rise and Fall of the Peredvizhniki
    • Rosalind P. Blakesley: “There is something there . . .”: The Peredvizhniki and Western European Art
  • Section II. Documents