Experiment No. 17

Тhe seventeenth number of Experiment, guest-curated by Lynn Garafola and John E. Bowlt, will appear in October. Devoted to Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, the issue is based on the proceedings of the conference, “The Spirit of Diaghilev”, held at Boston University on 18-21 May, 2009, and consists of scholarly essays and illustrative materials. Experiment 17 is the first collaboration between the IMRC and Brill Publishers of Leiden, Holland, which will be printing and circulating this and subsequent volumes. Brill will also be producing an on-line version of No. 17 and other issues.

The List of Contents

List of Illustrations



1.Olin Downes: “’Diaghileff Explains His Ballet’s Origin. Director of Russian Dances Coming on First Visit to Boston Tells Olin Downes How Revolutionary Spirit Found Vent in Native Art” (1915)

2. William J. Guard: “A Talk with Serge de Diaghileff, Ballet Wizard” (1916)

3. E.O. Hoppe: “A Memoir” (1950s)

4. Léon Bakst: “Declaration of Faith” (1915)

5. Léon Bakst: Letter to Huntly Carter (undated) [in French]

6. Mikhail Larionov: “The Art of Stage Decoration” (1949)

7. Waldemar George: “Propos de Danse: Les Idées de Mademoiselle Nijinska” (1922) [in French]

8. Florence Gilliam: “Parade” (1922)

9. Letters on the Passing of Sergei Diaghilev
i)  From Prince Sergei Volkonsky to Walther Nouvel (1929) [translated from the Russian]
ii)  From Igor Stravinsky to Walter Nouvel (1929) [translated from the Russian]
iii) From Léonide Massine to Serge Lifar (1929) [translated from the Russian]
iv) From Nicolas Nabokov to Walter Nouvel (1929) [translated from the Russian]
v) Serge Lifar: “A Memoir” (1930) [translated from the Russian]

10. “Diaghilev’s Theater of Marvels: The Ballets Russes and Its Aftermath.” Checklist of the exhibition at the Donald and Mary Oenslager Gallery, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, 2009