Illustrated Editions

Printsessa Lera

Illustrated Editions focuses on artistic editions of the fin de siècle and contains a large number of books illustrated by Bakst, Benois, Dobuzhinsky, Kuznetsov, Somov, Sudeikin and other artists of the Silver Age. The Section includes a number of rare and curious items such as Printsessa Lera (right) illustrated by Kalmakov, two fairy-tales illustrated by Arnold, and versions of Le Livre de la Marquise illustrated by Somov. These holdings are complemented by a subsection on the graphic arts in general which includes Vasilii Vereshchagin's studies of Russian caricature and many of the formal analyzes of typeface, chromolithography, and ex-libris designs published in the 1910s and 1920s by theorists such as Anisimov, Ettinger, and Favorsky.