Museum Guides

Among the holdings of the IMRC Library, the Museum Guides constitute an especially valuable source of information, providing researchers with useful material on both private and public collections both in the Russian and Ukrainian metropolitan areas (e.g. the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg) and in regional centers (e.g. the Radishchev Museum of Art in Saratov). Numbering several hundred imprints, most of the Museum Guides were published during the Soviet era and often in miniscule triages, so that many of them are now out of print and hard to find.  The intention is to catalogue all the Museum Guides and to upload relevant data concerning each artwork (Western and Russian) into a designated database (author, title of work, date) -- and, therefore, to digitize them.  Information about each artwork will be accompanied by an attached image from the list of illustrations when provided by this or that catalog. Each listing will also display detailed data on the technique, size and location of each item. Establishing and developing such a database will help researchers to discover which Russian museums hold which works by which artists and, at the same time, will supply – through search keywords -- relevant bio-bibliographical material on these artists. As of March, 2010, the project is 50% completed.