The Next Generation Project

Dear Students and Young Professionals, (Professors: Please pass along this information to your students),

You are invited to join in an online conversation on Facebook among the next generation of archaeologists. Our mission is to connect the emerging generation of archaeologists and cultural heritage research specialists now in order to build the relationships that will allow us to initiate radical change in the study of the past while facing the problems of the future. We hope that the relationships formed through these discussions and meetings will prepare us to be more effective archaeologists in the future.

You can choose to participate online only or you can also join us in-person at meetings. We have already had a very successful sessions at the WAC-Intercongress in Ramallah in August 2009, 7ICAANE London in April 2010, WAC Vienna in April 2010, the EAA Annual Meeting at the Hague in September 2010, and WAC-7 Jordan in January 2013. We look forward to seeing you at future conferences. (Use the Facebook group to ask questions about logistics). Eventually, we'd like to work the topics into a group-authored publication.

Some translation in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish is already available. We look forward to including not only people like us (both multi-generation and first generation students in the USA and those who have studied in the US, UK, and Europe), but also archaeology students from Israel, West Bank, northern and Greek Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kurdish-speaking students in Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Anyone is more than welcome to participate.

We would like to invite you to participate in this project both online and through future conferences. If you're interested, please go to this Facebook Group link: or search for us "The next generation: Students discuss archaeology in the 21st century".


Kristin Butler, Ashley Sands

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