Sam Trevino

Sam Trevino recently graduated from USC with a major in Interdisciplinary Archaeology and a minor in Business. Sam currently works in the ARC lab and plans on working in the field of Cultural Resource Management. For two and a half years Sam was a part of the Undergraduate Research Associates Program working in ARC lab. He is an assistant on the Marash Project, a large project in the Kahramanmaras Valley in Turkey. He does technical drawings of pottery collected from different sites during the field excavation season. The illustrations follow a formula that illustrates certain aspects of the vessel shape, and are published in the excavation reports. They are used to comparatively determine trends or patterns in different types of vessels and from which sites they came from. Sam also worked with Prof. John Pollini on a research project studying the Getty Villa to determine which archaeological structures were used in the design elements of the Villa.

Research Projects

  • Marash Project

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