Sarah Butler

Sarah is a recent USC graduate with three years of experience in ARC. While an undergraduate, she pursued double majors in Interdisciplinary Archaeology and East Asian Area Studies with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Sarah is a native Angeleno who grew up absorbing the many flavors of the LA melting pot, which influenced an insatiable curiosity for different cultures, people-watching and new perspectives. Her undergraduate research ranged from American Southwest rock art, ritual and geodatabasing to Chinese Neolithic settlement patterns. She spent time in the field in Arizona, Turkey, China, Australia, and all around Southern California. Her work has been published in American Indian Rock Art and presented at the Society for American Archaeology and Archaeological Institute of America annual meetings, among others. She held a J. Paul Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship in Decorative Arts and Sculpture Conservation, is a Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow, and was the outreach coordinator and an educator for ARC Smart for two years. Currently, Sarah is a member of the Argonne research team, where she sometimes shoots a very expensive and very powerful x-ray beam at ancient metal weaponry then writes about it, and also moonlights as an archaeologist at a cultural resource management firm.

Research Projects

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