So the application is done, the deposit has been sent, the laundry bag has been purchased and you can finally relax because you got in. But now its time to figure out how to get connected.

Your first year at USC can be puzzling- trying to fit together all the pieces while also exploring the myriad opportunities that USC has to offer. The Learning Community Program was created with you in mind. Designed to help you connect to the university, professors, peers, and academic advisors, the Learning Community Program offers support as you figure it all out.

Learning Communities are course clusters designed to give you guided access to all of the resources USC has to offer. The program will offer a breadth of knowledge to aid in your exploration of the growing cultural and academic landscape. Each course cluster consists of two classes, one General Education course and one elective course, taught by only the best professors USC has to offer. Your Learning Community of twenty students takes these two classes together, providing you with instant study groups, lab partners, and best of all- other 'SC students with similar interests.

The Learning Community Program also gives you the opportunity to get off campus and explore Los Angeles' thriving arts, entertainment and sports scene. With free tickets, transportation , and even dinner beforehand, Learning Community students have the opportunity to attend Broadway hits (past favorites have included "The Producers", "Phantom of the Opera", "The Lion King" and more), Dodgers games (you haven't lived until you've tried the infamous Dodger dog!) and small group dinner, lunches, lectures, and performances.

So now that you got inů get connected! We can't wait to meet you.