These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please feel free to contact us directly!
What do Learning Communities offer me?
        Learning Communities give Undecided or Undeclared students an academic "home" in the University- it can be tough to be undecided when everyone else seems to know exactly what they want to do when they grow up. Learning Communities encourage you to explore your options and get to know the ins and outs of USC before deciding on a major. Learning Communities offer you a casual environment in which to get to know other USC students with similar interests and professional faculty and staff. They give you the chance to adjust with USC resources at your fingertips, to develop friendships and study partners, and to discover your own major interests.
How do I join a Learning Community? When do I sign up?
        To reserve a spot in a Learning Community, fill out our online Registration Form or send in the information card on the printed brochure you received in the mail. Once you reserve a spot either online or through the mail, you will be contacted by a Learning Community Advisor who will confirm your reservation and answer any additional questions. At that point, you're done until summer Orientation, at which time, a Learning Community Advisor will be available to help guide you in the next step.
How do you determine who gets into which Learning Community?
        Individual Learning Communities are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your spot as soon as possible! If you don't get into a specific Learning Community, you can participate in the activities only, but the courses we select are student-favorites, so get your reservation form in early.
Who is eligible to join a Learning Community?

All new incoming students are welcome to join the Learning Community Program. Although the program is intended for students who are Undecided or Undeclared, if you are a student with a declared major in the College of Letters , Arts and Sciences, you can also join a Learning Community. Only students in the College of Letters , Arts and Sciences can join the Learning Community Program.

Do I have to pay for Learning Community events? What kind of events do Learning Communities put on?
        The best thing about Learning Community events is that they are completely, utterly, totally free. We provide you with tickets, dinner, and transportation to and from for every event we offer. Many of our smaller individual Learning Community events include lunch or dinner- a favorite amongst Learning Community mentors is heading out for dinner and a movie (after all, there's no better city than LA to get a sneak preview!). Past events include plays, lunches in downtown, musical events, study groups, sporting events, and many, many more. The Learning Community events are hindered only by a Learning Community's imagination. If you have a specific Learning Community event you would like to see happen, let your Learning Community mentors know about it.
Can I join the activities only?
        Sure! Since only twenty students are in each Learning Community, they often end up filled to capacity. If this happens to you, but you would still like to be invited to attend our events (which, donít forget, include free lunches, dinners, theatre tickets, and more!), just let us know at Orientation. We will add your name to our roster without registering you for any Learning Community classes.
Can I be in only one of the two Learning Community classes?
        On occasion, we make exceptions for students with unique and compelling academic reasons to participate in only one Learning Community course. If you would like to discuss your specific situation, call one of our Learning Community Advisors.
What if I drop one of the classes into the semester, do I get kicked out of my Learning Community?
        Absolutely not! Once you join, you are a part of our community, and we want to see as much of you as we can. You're free to attend all our events and get all the benefits of your Learning Community even if you drop one of your courses midway through.
Are there Learning Community classes planned for second semester as well?
        Nope. The Learning Community Program is mainly a fall semester program, with large group events and course clusters available only in the first semester. However, some individual Learning Communities do continue to do small events, lunches, and study groups in the Spring.
Is there anything more I have to do in Learning Community courses than I would normally do in non-Learning community courses?
        Learning Community courses are normal, General Education and intro major/minor courses. You don't have any additional work for being in the Learning Community program.
Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
        Check out our 'Contact Us' page to get the names and contact info of our Learning Community Advisors.