Peer Mentors are a fun and essential part of the Learning Community Program. They are able to give you real life advice, telling you about the best places to eat on campus (and the ones to avoid!), letting you know about interesting events happening on campus, and saying hi to you in the student section at home football games. They are able to provide you with a perspective that is uniquely tuned in to student culture at USC, which will ease your adjustment to student life. But most importantly, they act as a resource for things which you may not want to ask a faculty or staff member.

Peer Mentors are chosen with care, and are some of the most friendly and successful USC students out there. As a general rule, they are former Learning Community participants, so they know what it is like to be new on campus without a major. They are great students with equally enviable social lives, and can help explain time management and how to succeed in USC's competitive academic atmosphere. Above all, they are fun and genuinely interested in you. Class distinctions don't matter so much at USC, and you may be surprised by how many Peer Mentors become friends.