Our Learning Community participants are the best people to speak about the benefits of our program. Here are just a few of their comments…
"As a Learning Community student, I got the opportunity to go to a lot of events that I probably wouldn't have gone to or even known about without the Learning Community. I also met some of my first friends at USC through the Learning Community." - Patricia Heck
"I had no idea how to sign up for classes, but being part of the Learning Community automatically enrolled in me in two classes, reducing lots of stress. I also got to meet people and go to downtown L.A…" - Dylan Porter
"I liked the Learning Community because it makes you feel like less of a lost soul for being undeclared. At first it seems like every other freshman on campus has a major and a plan for their life, so it is refreshing to get to know other Undecided people...also it's good at the beginning of the year to make some friends right away who are in two or three of your classes, which makes your first college classes a little less scary and intimidating." - Annie Roach
"I have been involved in the Learning Communities Program as a peer mentor for the past two years. I think that it is a great way to help freshman adjust to life at college both socially and academically. While students entering the Annenberg or Business Schools are able to quickly assimilate into groups based on small class size and each individual school's own events for their majors, undecided students, as I know from experience having changed my own major a number of times, are not really offered the same opportunities to form networks within their academic community. Learning Communities help undecided students to deal with this problem by joining a group of people with the same interests and putting them in the same classes, offering study groups and lunch dates with their professors, and a number of other eclectic and stimulating ways for the students to connect." - Eline Agnoli, Learning Community Peer Mentor
"What I liked about the Learning Community most was that it was fun and I got to go to some cool places (and for free!). Plus, it gave me a chance to meet people with similar interests."i - Moli Fegan
"The Learning Community… was the first group I truly felt a part of at USC. For an Undeclared Freshmen, it was important to me to be around others in the same situation. Having such close contact with the advisors and the faculty was an incredible experience that I was so lucky to have been a part of. This program truly helped me survive my first semester here." - Shannon Santos
"I really liked how I was able to meet some students in my classes on a more personal level before the semester even began...it definitely eased the discomfort and anxiety at the beginning of the semester." - Sarah Seinfeld
“I entered USC as an Undecided freshman, and despite my wonderful USC experience, I remember the frustration I felt that first semester as declared students got to know their department advisors. I felt out of place and like I didn’t have an academic home base. I still look back and wish that I had enrolled in a Learning Community when I had the chance. I believe wholeheartedly in the good this program can do, and I am excited to work with other incoming Undecided students, helping to give them the home base I wish I had experienced.” -Janelle Herrick, Learning Community Advisor