University of Southern California

Diversity Requirement

The USC Core is the hallmark of a USC education and the common bond between you and all other USC undergraduates. The Core consists of courses in General Education, Writing, and Diversity. Together they provide a coherent approach to the skills you will need to become a generally well educated person, an informed and productive citizen.

The USC Core will require you to question ideas we often take for granted and to understand the values at issue in contemporary society. You will sharpen your skills in critical thinking, learning to weigh competing theories, to evaluate new evidence, and to articulate an informed individual point of view.

Through the USC Core students will find opportunities to participate in other USC programs, including the Core Multimedia program, the Joint Educational Project, the College's Learning Communities, and the Social Issues Speakers Series.

Learn more about the USC Core by visiting the General Education, Writing Program, and Diversity Requirement websites, or contact Inderdisciplinary Studies (INDS).