2004-05 CIS Annual Visiting Scholar Competition

The Center is seeking applicants whose research considers Order, Disorder and Conflict in international relations. Specific topics might include:

Hegemony and empire in the international system
Adjustment politics in emerging markets
International law and institutions

The competition is open to junior scholars: those who received a Ph.D. within the last five years or who will have completed a dissertation by December 2004. Equivalent experience is not accepted. No English tests are required. Applications from a variety of disciplines, including the social sciences, humanities and communications are encouraged.

Evaluation: Applicants will be evaluated on the bases of academic achievements, publications and previous work experience, the quality of the research proposal, and the applicant's potential for making significant scholarly contributions.

Applicants must submit:
1) A curriculum vitae
2) A 5-7 page research proposal
3) A list of publications (when applicable)
4) Graduate Transcripts
5) 3 (three) letters of recommendation.

Applications without a research proposal will not be considered. The letters of recommendation may be sent directly to the office by the referee. Applications (including letters) must be in English.

Compensation: The Center will provide an appropriate stipend, office space, USC library privileges, $1000 toward moving expenses and computer support. Health insurance and other benefits are not covered. Fellowships are funded by the Center's Endowment.

Please send applications to:
Attn: Visiting Scholar Competition
Dr. Peter Rosendorff, Director
Center for International Studies
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0037

Application materials must be postmarked on or before January 19, 2004.
Awards will be announced in March 2004.