Trojan Health Volunteers

Welcome to the Trojan Health Volunteers Program. THV gives pre-health students the opportunity to obtain valuable experience in a number of different hospital and clinical settings. Students gain hands-on experience while witnessing the various aspects of medicine. Volunteers also have the chance to receive letters of recommendation from the program director.

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Volunteerism is a crucial aspect of any pre-med's college experience. Science courses alone give a person information by which to build a solid foundation, however, it is only part of what makes an excellent physician. Think about it ... knowing the structural isomerism of glucose is important, but just as important is the patient/doctor interaction.

Program Requirements:
Each site will have its own orientation for students. Most will occur aproximately two-three weeks after the beginning of the semester. These orientations are mandatory and are useful to get volunteers and staff acquainted. In addition, students will be required to show proof of TB test within the last 6 months. (TB tests may be given at the USC Student Health Center) Documentation must be brought to the site orientation in order to avoid delays.

Site attendance is mandatory. Volunteers are expected to show up and be on time for each weekly shift. Each site has a sign-in sheet. If some emergency arises, call the site, reschedule a make up date within a week, and notify the THV Director.

Current Sites Available
Students Without TransportationStudents With Transportation

While there are few requirements and pre-requisites for THV involvement, we do recommend a course of action that might look something like this:

A sample of Pre-Med Volunteering at USC:
Freshman Year
Fall -Freshman cannot participate in a THV Assignment (focus on your coursework)
Spring -Participation in JEP health mini-courses through a GE course (only two hours a week)
Sophomore Year
Fall -Work in a clinical setting with children (low time commitment, no credit)
Spring -Work in a hospital (heavy time commitment, hectic volunteering work)
Junior Year
Fall -Work in the Coroner's Office or Emergency Room (a real test of your desire to be a medical professional)
Spring -Take time off to prepare for the MCATs
Senior Year
Fall -Find a volunteer experience of your own making
Spring -Recruit at least one other pre-health professional to join you at your new site