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Dead Sea Scrolls
The following is a list of images in the West Semitic Research archive. For further information contact West Semitic Research (

Amman Dead Sea Scrolls

1Q13 Phyl

1Q17 Jub a

1Q18 Jub b

1Q19 Noah

1Q20 apGen ar

1Q22 DM

1Q23 EnGiants a ar

1Q27 Myst

1Q28a S a

1Q33 Fragments of 1QM

1Q34 LitPr a

1Q35 H b

1Q36 Hymns

1Q37 Hymnic Composition?

1Q70 pap unclassified frags.

3Q15 Copper Scroll

4Q22 paleoExod m

4Q109 Qoh a

4Q162 pIsa b

4Q175 Test

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