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Biblical Text
Folio # References
366r Psalms 1:1-5:5a
366v Psalms 5:5b-8:5a
367r Psalms 8:5b-10:17a
367v Psalms 10:17b-15:3a
368r Psalms 15:3b-18:7a
368v Psalms 18:7b-19:2a
369r Psalms 19:2b-22:4a
369v Psalms 22:4b-24:7a
370r Psalms 24:7b-27:5
370v Psalms 27:6-30:11
371r Psalms 30:12-32:10a
371v Psalms 32:10b-34:23
372r Psalms 35:1-36:13a
372v Psalms 36:13b-38:5a
373r Psalms 38:5b-40:7a
373v Psalms 40:7b-42:7a
374r Psalms 42:7b-44:26a
374v Psalms 44:26b-47:5
375r Psalms 47:6-49:21
375v Psalms 50:1-51:21a
376r Psalms 51:21b-55:11
376v Psalms 55:12-57:11
377r Psalms 57:12-60:6
377v Psalms 60:7-63:8
378r Psalms 63:9-66:10a
378v Psalms 66:10b-68:20a
379r Psalms 68:20b-69:21a
379v Psalms 69:21b-71:18a
380r Psalms 71:18b-73:12a
380v Psalms 73:12b-75:3a
381r Psalms 75:3b-77:19a
381v Psalms 77:19b-78:36a
382r Psalms 78:36b-79:5a
382v Psalms 79:5b-81:12a
383r Psalms 81:12b-84:11a
383v Psalms 84:11b-87:6a
384r Psalms 87:6b-89:19a
384v Psalms 89:19b-90:7a
385r Psalms 90:7b-93:3a
385v Psalms 93:3b-96:8a
386r Psalms 96:8b-99:8
386v Psalms 99:9-102:24a
387r Psalms 102:24b-104:14a
387v Psalms 104:14b-105:23a
388r Psalms 105:23b-106:23a
388v Psalms 106:23b-107:18a
389r Psalms 107:18b-109:6a
389v Psalms 109:6b-111:9a
390r Psalms 111:9b-115:16a (L combines 114 and 115 under 114: all Hebrew numbers of Psalms from here on are one less than the numbers given)
390v Psalms 115:16b-118:26
391r Psalms 118:27-119:45
391v Psalms 119:46-119:93
392r Psalms 119:94-119:141
392v Psalms 119:142-121:4
393r Psalms 121:5-126:6
393v Psalms 127:1-132:10a
394r Psalms 132:10b-136:3
394v Psalms 136:4-139:4a
395r Psalms 139:4b-141:6a
395v Psalms 141:6b-144:11a
396r Psalms 144:11b-147:5
396v Psalms 147:6-150:6

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