Flags of Taiwan

Official flag of Taiwan currently used in Olympic Games and other international sports events, in which Taiwan is called "Chinese Taipei," regardless the fact that the Chinese only comprise a small portion of Taiwan's residents and Taipei is just one of many metropolitan areas in Taiwan.
(Disputed) Flag currently used by the government, which calls Taiwan as "the Republic of CHINA (on Taiwan)". During the Olympic game 1996 in Atlanta, GA, United States, a Taiwanese student was arrested by the police during the ping-pong game between Chen Jing and Deng YaPing. The reason was that he was waving this ROC flag during the game. It is said that under the pressure from China, the IOC has made an agreement with the "Chinese Taipei" Olympic committee previously that it is prohibited to interfere anyone during any Olympic game by waving ROC flags.
(Disputed) Flag will be used as the national flag of Taiwan in the future. (Courtesy of Mitch Yang)
(Historical) Flag used in 1895 by the Republic of Taiwan.

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