Today, this tremendous treasure is in danger. The Northridge earthquake caused extensive damage to the structural system of the house, already vulnerable because of its unique construction system. Acid rain and smog have caused deterioration of the porous concrete block. Deferred maintenance and some expedient alterations have also exacted a price.
Restoration efforts for the Freeman House have been under way for a number of years. The National Endowment for the Arts provided a grant to initiate research and documentation. Domino Pizza provided a matching grant for emer-gency repairs. The Getty Preservation Grants program awarded one of its first three grants to the Freeman House to assist with the prepa-ration of the Historic Structures Report. Steelcase matched the Getty grant with funds which were used to commence architectural drawings, materials testing, and shoring. The Graham Foundation and Andy Warhol Foundation have also contributed to research and repairs. And memberships in the Restoration Associates, tours and block sales have raised additional funds which are used to operate the house and for further architectural work and repairs.
Today, we are in the midst of negotiations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for funds to repair the earthquake damage at the Freeman House. Additional funds will be required to match the FEMA monies, and to repair non-seismic items.