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Robert Aniszfeld

Managing Director, Business and Administration

Office: LHI 102
Phone: (213) 740-5977
Fax: (213) 740-6679
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Primary Interests and Responsibilities:


Robert Aniszfeld is an inventor and entrepreneur. He has been trained as a physical organic chemist under the tutelage of Nobel Laureate George Olah. As the Managing Director of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute his primary responsibilities include commercialization of Institute intellectual property, technology transfer, and day-to-day operations. At the Institute, Robert has been in leadership positions since 1990 and has been responsible for raising funds through philanthropy that doubled the Instituteís endowment. He has helped chart and implement the financial and legal framework of the Institute and has overseen the further expansion of its facilities. Robert was Founder, President and CEO of Direct Methanol Power, Inc., a company established to develop direct oxidation fuel cells. He is a co-author of 17 peer-reviewed publications and two patents in topics ranging from studies of stable carbocations, the design and construction of a novel low-temperature IR cell for the study of superacids and superacidic reaction intermediates, to carbon-dioxide conversions from air as a sole source.

Dr. Aniszfeld has both business and scientific-research experience that includes direct methanol fuel cell research. As a member of the USC team for the last twenty years he has been actively involved in the continued development of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) technology and the commercialization of USCís portfolio of DMFC patents. His latest interests include the synthetic and electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels. Before joining USC, Robert worked as a research scientist at the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Budapest.

A Cell Fuels Excitement

USC to Team on Clean Energy Technology



Managing Director - Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute (LHI)

Board Member - LHI Advisory Board

Trustee and Executive Director - Hydrocarbon Research Foundation

Educational Background:


B.Sc. (1979) Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest

M.Sc. (1981) Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest

PhD (1990) Chemistry, University of Southern California

MBA (1998) Business Administration, University of Southern California



US 7,378,561

Method for producing methanol, dimethyl ether, derived synthetic hydrocarbons and their products from carbon dioxide and water (moisture) of the air as sole source material

Filing Date: 07/19/2007

US 7,459,590

Method for producing methanol, dimethyl ether, derived synthetic hydrocarbons and their products from carbon dioxide and water (moisture) of the air as sole source material

Filing Date: 05/22/2008

Partial List of Publications:

1. “Ionic liquid and solid HF equivalent amine-poly(hydrogen fluoride) complexes effecting efficient environmentally friendly isobutane-isobutylene alkylation” Olah GA, Mathew T, Goeppert A, Torok B, Bucsi I, Li XY, Wang Q, Marinez ER, Batamack P, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS, J. Am. Chem. Soc.; APR 27 2005, 127 (16): 5964-5969
2. “Synthesis of the parent 1-oxonia-adamantane”. Etzkorn M, Olah GA, Prakash GKS, Rasul G, Aniszfeld R, ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY; MAR 28 2004; 227: U148-U148 268-ORGN Part 2
3. “A potentiometric method of monitoring methanol crossover through polymer electrolyte membranes of direct methanol fuel cells.” Munichandraiah N, McGrath K, Prakash GKS, Aniszfeld R, Olah GA J. Power Sources; MAY 15 2003; 117 (1-2): 98-101
4. “The molecular and supramolecular engineering of polymeric electro-optic materials”. Robinson BH, Dalton LR, Harper AW, Ren A, Wang F, Zhang C, Todorova G, Lee M, Aniszfeld R, Garner S, Chen A, Steier WH, Houbrecht S, Persoons A, Ledoux I, Zyss J, Jen AKY; Chem. Phys.; JUL 1 1999; 245 (1-3): 35-50
5. “HPLC separation of hydrogenated derivatives of buckminsterfullerene ” , Bucsi I, Szabo P, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS, Olah GA; Chromatographia; JUL 1998; 48 (1-2): 59-64
6. “Friedel-Crafts reactions of buckminsterfullerene” Olah GA, Bucsi I, Ha DS, Aniszfeld R, Lee CS, Prakash GKS; Fullerene Sci. Technol.; 1997; 5 (2): 389-405.
7. “Convenient separation of high-purity C-60 from crude fullerene extract by selective complexation with AlCl3” Bucsi I, Aniszfeld R, Shamma T, Prakash GKS, Olah GA; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.;SEP 13 1994 91 (19): 9019-9021
8. “Chemical-reactivity and functionalization of C-60 and C-70 fullerenes ” Olah GA, Bucsi I, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS
CARBON; 1992; 30 (8): 1203-1211.
9. “Onium ions. 40. Protonitronium dication (NO2H2+).” Olah GA, Rasul G, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS J. Am. Chem. Soc., JUL 1 1992; 114 (14): 5608-5609
10. “Polycarbon supercage chemistry. 2. Chlorination and bromination of fullerenes - nucleophilic methoxylation of polychlorofullerenes and their aluminum trichloride catalyzed friedel-crafts reaction with aromatics to polyarylfullerenes.” Olah GA, Bucsi I, Lambert C, Aniszfeld R, Trivedi Nj, Sensharma DK, Prakash GKS J. Am. Chem. Soc., NOV 20 1991; 113 (24): 9385-9387
11. “Polycarbon supercage chemistry. 3. Polyarenefullerenes, C60(H-Ar)n, obtained by acid-catalyzed fullerenation of aromatics” Olah GA, Bucsi I, Lambert C, Aniszfeld R, Trivedi NI, Sensharma DK, Prakash GKS. J. Am. Chem. Soc., NOV 20 1991,113 (24): 9387-9388.
12. “Electrophilic reactions at single bonds .23. Hydrogen-deuterium exchange of Si-H(D) bond in trialkylsilanes with HI(DI)-AlI3 involving pentacoordinate siliconium ions.” Olah GA, Heiliger L, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS New J. Chem. NOV 1990, 14 (11): 877-881.
13. “Onium ions. 38. 7-bromoniabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane - a stable 1,4-bridged bicyclic bromonium ion.” Prakash GKS, Aniszfeld R, Hashimoto T, Bausch JW, Olah GA. J. Am. Chem. Soc. NOV 8 1989, 111 (23): 8726-8727 .
14. “Onium ions. 37. Hydrogen-deuterium exchange of diborane in superacid solution through diboranonium (B2H7+) and diboranium (B2H5+) ions.” Olah GA, Aniszfeld R, Prakash GKS, Williams Re, Lammertsma K, Guner Of. J. Am. Chem. Soc. NOV 9 1988, 110 (23): 7885-7886.
15. “Organometallic chemistry. 22. Triphenylsilyl perchlorate revisited - Si-29 and Cl-35 nmr-spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography showing covalent nature in both solution and the solid-state - difficulties in observing long-lived silyl cations in the condensed state.” Prakash GKS, Keyaniyan S, Aniszfeld R, Heiliger L, Olah GA, Stevens RC, Choi HK, Bau R. J. Am. Chem. Soc. AUG 19 1987,109 (17): 5123-5126 .

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