Bruce Johnstone
Professor of Higher & Continuing Education





For over a generation academic governance has been a topic about which many have expressed dismay, befuddlement or anger.  There remains, however, a paucity of information or research-based models about the best way to enhance decision-making and governance in higher education.  

This project is a three-year undertaking where we will analyze and recommend ways to improve shared governance in four-year colleges and universities.  We will focus on ways to improve decision-making so that a more deliberate, determined, and fast-paced structure better suited to the needs of the 21st century is available to institutional leaders.

By way of a series of institutional and comparative analyses we will develop a series of recommendations that lead to changes in strategic leadership and reformulations about how colleges and universities undertake structural decision-making at the faculty and Board levels.  

The project will involve an overview survey, site visits to representative institutions, and emblematic case studies of governance structures that work and those that do not.  Through the involvement of an Advisory Board composed of leaders of diverse constituencies, as well as a handful of engaged intellectuals who will serve as an experts panel, we will disseminate findings and recommendations that shed light on the problems that exist and how they might be overcome.

For more information on this study, please contact James T. Minor, Gina Lincicum and William G. Tierney.





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