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Invisible Colleagues?: The Role of Full-time Non-tenured Faculty in Shared Governance

For almost a decade researchers in higher education have been documenting alternatives to the tenured and tenure-track faculty model. From the dual labor market model described by Gappa and Leslie, to models for full-time non-tenurable appointments, to employment practices from the professions, both inside and outside the Academy (Trower). It is clear that non-tenure track full-time appointments are on the increase. How have these appointments helped to create more flexibility for departments and institutions?

On the other side of the coin, how have these appointments affected the ability of these faculties to participate freely in the teaching and research process? What conflicts do these faculties face, if any, as they try to participate in the faculty shared governance process on their campuses? This paper will look at the growing number of full time non-tenure track faculty and their status vis--vis tenure track faculty around key faculty shared governance issues. Issues to be examined include 1) control over course and curricula, 2) participation on key departmental and extra-departmental committees, and 3) participation in departmental program reviews. The paper will also look at factors that mitigate and enhance the establishment of new departmental and institutional cultures that honor the presence and work of faculty who will never be tenured in the department.




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