Creating change in higher education


Many leaders want to create change in higher education but they feel they do not have the tools or hit too many barriers. The resources and ideas on this page can prepare you to create change from the bottom up, top-down, or through a shared process. In addition to providing a broad understanding of leadership and change, resources are available about creating specific types of change on college campus from diversity, interdisciplinarity, campus and community partnerships, pedagogical reform, service learning, and improved working conditions for faculty.

An article about bringing change to scale

This article will help you think about brining changes to scale.  This was written to assist the National Science Foundation in thinking about bringing science reforms to scale.


Kezar, A. (2008).  Scholarship on change in higher education:  Synthesizing fifteen years of change research.  Los Angeles:  Center for higher education policy analysis, University of Southern California.

A campus resource for addressing needs of low-income students

This resource will help your campus better address the needs of low-income students.


Kezar, A. (in press).  Recognizing and serving low income students in postsecondary education: An examination of institutional policies, practices, and culture. New York:  Routledge.

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