Panivong Norindr

Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0353

Office:   Taper Hall of Humanities, Room 229T
Phone:   213-821-1167
Fax:        213-740-8058

Ph.D. Princeton University
Postcolonial studies, cultural studies, and French cinema.

Professor Norindr's research interests are in postcolonial studies, cultural studies, and French cinema. He is the author of Phantasmatic Indochina: French Colonial Ideology in Architecture, Film and Literature (Duke University Press, 1996). His teaching draws on the same interdisciplinary approach to cultural and filmic tests as his research. He has taught graduate seminars on such topics as "Caribbean Literature and Cinema," "The City as Text," "Colonialism, Decolonization, and Postcolonialism," and most recently, "Modernity and the Postcolonial City." He is currently writing a book-length study of French cinema from the silent cinema of the Lumiere Brothers to the postcolonial cinema of France-Vietnamese filmmakers.

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