A Journal of Comparative Literary Studies

Volume 1

Jacques Derrida .:. I'll have to wander all alone

Deborah Levitt .:. Heidegger and the Theater of Truth

Peter Starr .:. The Tragic Ear of the Intellectual: Lacan

Volume 2

Peggy Kamuf .:. The Ghosts of Critique and Deconstruction

Dragan Kujundzic .:. Boris Groys and the Specters of Marx

Paola Marrati-Guénoun .:. Derrida et Levinas: Ethique, Ecriture, Historicité

Jacob Wamberg .:. Abandoning Paradise: Inventing Landscape Painting

Volume 3

Jean-Luc Nancy .:. Experiencing Soun-gui

Soun-gui Kim .:. "station 0 time" + About multimedia art

Georges Didi-Huberman .:. The Paradox of the Phasmid + Contact Images

Zaha Hadid .:. The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Rome. Paintings and Study Models

Dragan Kujundzic .:. The Case of Extreme Danger: Central Europe, Kafka with Benjamin

Peter Woodruff .:. A Note on the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves

Volume 4

Khoraographies for Jacques Derrida, on July 15 2000


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