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Terrorism is our nation's greatest challenge today. Many threats and vulnerabilities pose daily risks to our national security. CREATE is working to build predictive models that gauge how and where terrorist events occur, estimate the economic consequences of such attacks and identify where the country's vulnerabilities reside.

CREATE's approach is unique as it encompasses many elements to produce the greatest possible return. By using an interdisciplinary approach, CREATE merges social scientists, engineers, economists and computer scientists, in a program which integrates research, education and outreach.

The Center serves national interests by providing tools and guidance to the Department of Homeland Security, as well as local, regional and state decision-makers, for the prioritization of countermeasures to terrorism, identifying areas where investments are likely to be most effective, computing relative risks among potential terrorist events, and estimating the societal consequences of terrorism.

The Center is also a gathering place where leading researchers from around the country will come to assist in the national effort to improve homeland security through analysis and modeling of threats to homeland security. Just as importantly, the Center treats the subject matter of homeland security with the urgency that it deserves, with the goal of producing rapid results, leveraging existing resources so that benefits accrue to our nation as quickly as possible.

To fulfill this mission, the Center draws from an exceptional group of researchers within its participating universities, who represent a truly interdisciplinary, problem-oriented focus on homeland security issues. Meet our CREATE team.

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on November 26, 2003 that USC was awarded a $12 million triennial grant to establish the first Center of Excellence. The Center was officially opened in March 2004 after a visit by DHS Secretary Tom Ridge.

The HSC-Centers program, operated by the Department's Science and Technology Division establishes university-based centers of multidisciplinary research where areas critical to homeland security can be analyzed, debated and shared. Through this program, the Department of Homeland Security and partner universities will bring together the nation's best experts and focus its most talented researchers on a variety of issues that include chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological, explosive devices and cyber terrorism.

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