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CREATE - has assembled a Scientific Advisory Committee and a User Advisory Committee of professional experts from diverse backgrounds to guide its programs.

Government Advisory Committee

CREATE's regional User Advisory Committee helps the center and its researchers meet the needs of the user community. CREATE provides a constructive and cooperative forum for representatives from local, state and national agencies to come together, exchange ideas and plan for the future.


Current Western Region Committee Members

 Mike Arena California Department of Justice
 William Bamattre Los Angeles Fire Department
 Gary Becker DHS (Office of the Private Sector)
 Matt Begert National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
 James Carter U.S. Department of the Treasury
 David Chambers California Energy Commission
 Kevin Clark Federal Emergency Mangement Agency
 George Cummings Port of Los Angeles
 Floyd J. Davis State of California, Military Department
 Tony Fainberg DHS (Office of Research and Development)
 Robert Ferguson Los Angeles Power Association
 Larry Fetters Transportation Security Administration
 Dan M. Haverty Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
 Laura Hernandez California Emergency Services Association
 Sandra Hutchens Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
 David Janssen County of Los Angeles
 Pat Jones DHS (Borders)
 Wynn Latta Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
 Mike Downing LAPD (Counter-Terrorism Bureau)
 Bert Macesker DHS - U.S. Coast Guard
 Bernard K. Melekian Pasadena Police Department
 Cathy Chidester Los Angeles County EMS Agency
 Raymond Neutra State of California, Department of Health Services
 Randy Parsons FBI
 Charles G. Roper LAPD (Uniformed Support Division)
 Erroll Southers State of California, Office of Homeland Security
 Ellis Stanley City of Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department
 Arif AliKhan City of Los Angeles, Office of the Mayor
 Stan Supinski United States - Northern Command
 Gary Williams LAPD (Major Crimes Division)
 Kurt Willstatter DHS (Manpads Group)
 James Butts Los Angeles World Airports, Law Enforcement


Current Eastern Region Committee Members

 Susan R. (Bobbi) Bailey VP, Global Network Maintenance, AT&T
 Paul Bennett Director of Security Planning, NYC Department of Environmental Protection Police
 David Davidowitz Gas Engineering, Con Edison Gas
 Michael Flynn Director of Audit and Management Services, NYS Thruway Authority
 Matt Koenig Senior Engineer, Network Systems Distribution Engineering, Consolidated Edison Company of NY, Inc.
 David Lipsky Director Watershed Lab and Field Operations, Bureau of Water SUpply, NYC Department of Environmental Protection
 Al Lopez Bureau of Wastewater Treatment, NYC Department of Environmental Protection
 Jerome Lutin Senior Director, Intermodal Planning and Capacity Analysis, NJ Transit
 MaryAnn Marrocolo Director, Recovery and Mitigation, NYC Office of Emergency Management
 Jules Martin VP for Administration, Office of Public Safety, New York University
 William Morange Director of Security, MTA- NYC Transit
 Mysore L. Nagaraja Capital Construction, MTA
 Thomas T. Newell VP Gas Operations, Consolidated Edison Company of NY, Inc.
 Patty Noonan Vice President, Economic Development, NYC Partnership and Chamber of Commerce
 Gwen Perlman Assistant Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer, NYC Department of Transportation
 Phil Pulaski Assistant Chief, Commanding Officer, Counterterrorism Bureau, NYPD
 Eugene Spruck Chief Economist, Office of Policy and Planning, Port Authority of NY and NJ
 Thomas Triscari, Jr. Fellow, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Associate Professor, RPI
 Mike Valletta Capital Security Program, Port Authority of NY and NJ
 Jill Woller NYC Office of Management and Budget


Current Midwest Region Committee Members

 Robert Coovert Excelon Nuclear Operations-Cantera
 John Diamante UW Madison Police
 Thomas Dwyer United Transportation Union
 Edward Gleason Wisconsin Emergency Management
 Todd Kuschel UW Madison Police
 Marty Lens Dane County Airport
 Jeffrey McSpaden Federal Highway Administration
 Nancy Mello Transportation Security Administration
 Michael Newton UW Madison Police
 Ray Pena Dane County Emergency Management
 Ryan Riesinger Dane County Airport
 Jeffrey Western Wisconsin Department of Transportation
 Ernest Wittwer Midwest Regional Transportation Center
 Ralph Keeney (Duke) - Chair
 Howard Kunreuther (Univ. of Penn)
 Jack Riley (RAND)
 John Cummings (DHS/Sandia)
 Mel Bernstein (DHS) - ex officio
 Sherry Borener (U.S. Department of Transportation)
 L. Robin Keller (UCI)
 Matthew Clark (DHS) - ex officio
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