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Jack Riley
Director, Homeland Security Center
Director, Public Safety & Justice
RAND Corporation

K. Jack Riley was appointed Director of RAND Public Safety and Justice in September 1999 and the Director of the National Security Research Division’s Homeland Security Center in September 2003. He is also co-director of RAND’s Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy, a collaboration with the private sector that uses sophisticated modeling to address homeland security issues. He leads a variety of research efforts on counterterrorism, homeland security, and terrorism risk management with public and private sector clients. He currently is leading a national assessment of terrorism preparedness that is based on a survey of state and local first responders and departments of agriculture. The current project is an update of the original, Domestic Terrorism: A National Assessment of State and Local Preparedness (RAND, 1995), that provided the first empirical assessment of domestic terrorism preparedness. His recent homeland security publications include: California’s Vulnerability to Terrorism (RAND, 2002) and The Implications of the September 11th Terrorism Attacks for California (RAND, 2002). His other current projects include an assessment of the impact that the September 11 attacks have had on policing roles and missions and he is part of a team examining lessons for policing in post-conflict situations for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

Much of Jack’s other research portfolio involves border, transportation, immigration, and black-market issues. He is currently working on the development of a preliminary systems analysis modeling framework with which to assess port and supply chain security issues. He currently directs a project funded by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to evaluate the High Intensity Criminal Alien Apprehension Program, an effort designed to speed the deportation of criminal aliens. He has funding from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to analyze crime gun recovery patterns and assist law enforcement with the development of illegal firearms intervention strategies. He is working with the Oakland and Cincinnati police departments to develop risk, as opposed to race, profiles for use in policing and enforcement. While at the Department of Justice, Jack served as the program officer for a demonstration program to improve immigrant compliance with deportation hearing notices and helped establish drug use and crime indicator programs in 35 cities around the United States and in Australia, South Africa, Scotland and several other countries. He is an expert on drug markets and has written extensively on source country disruption and border control in the context of drug policy.

Since 2000, Jack has served on the admissions committee of the RAND Graduate School. He also serves on the advisory board of the Forensic Science Institute at CSU-LA and on the Homeland Security Advisory Council for metropolitan Los Angeles. In 1998 he was honored with the Assistant Attorney General’s Award for his outstanding contributions to the mission of the US Department of Justice.

From 1995 to 1999, Jack was with the US Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice. Jack received his BA (economics and Russian) from the University of Michigan in 1986; his MS (foreign service) from Georgetown in 1988; and his PhD (public policy analysis) from the RAND Graduate School in 1993.

 Ralph Keeney (Duke) - Chair
 Howard Kunreuther (Univ. of Penn)
 Jack Riley (RAND)
 John Cummings (DHS/Sandia)
 Mel Bernstein (DHS) - ex officio
 Sherry Borener (U.S. Department of Transportation)
 L. Robin Keller (UCI)
 Matthew Clark (DHS) - ex officio
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