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CREATE - programs will train professionals and students to develop and evaluate systems that protect against natural disasters, accidents, and attacks by terrorists or criminals. CREATE will deliver educational programs across the nation via distance education.

Education and Outreach are key components of CREATE. In addition to our research projects, CREATE is developing professional capacity in the field of homeland security. The ultimate goal of these programs is to augment the number of people qualified to practice within the government or private companies to improve homeland security.

Master's & Certificate Programs
USC offers a professional master's degree program and a professional certificate program in the fall of 2004 in System Safety and Security, with emphasis on risk based economic analysis. The program is designed to meet the needs of industry and government for analysts and engineers who are trained to develop and evaluate terrorist countermeasures, and to identify the most economically effective means to improve the nation's security. The program includes five core courses in the areas of risk assessment, economic analysis, decision analysis, program management and policy. Students pursuing the masters degree choose a specialization in areas such as environmental threats, policy and information security to complete the program. Both the certificate and master's programs will be offered via USC's Distance Education Network (DEN), enabling working professionals to complete the program from around the country. The programs are interdisciplinary, combining courses from the School of Policy, Planning and Development and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Professional Development
A new program of short courses in safety and security is being developed by the Viterbi School's Aviation Safety and Security Program, with an initial course offering in the coming year and more courses to be added in the future. The program will provide hands on education and will cover the use of models and tools for evaluation of security and anti-terrorism, within a modular format. The short courses will also provide training in the methods of analysis. By completing courses within a series of modules, students will earn a professional certificate. Short courses designed for police and fire departments aim to help personnel develop safety programs that can be used in the event of terrorism.

For the research community, CREATE workshops on economic modeling of terrorism, threat and vulnerability assessment and emergency response modeling will help the CREATE team assess the level of expertise that already exists in these respective areas. Each workshop concentrates on a particular aspect of the Center's research program and will include select speakers designed to capture research directions that show the greatest promise for improving homeland security.

Educational Programs
 Executive Program in Counter-terrorism
 Master's Program
 Certificate Program
 Professional Development
 DEN Brochure
 DHS Student & Alumni Network
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