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CREATE - programs will train professionals and students to develop and evaluate systems that protect against natural disasters, accidents, and attacks by terrorists or criminals. CREATE will deliver educational programs across the nation via distance education.


This interdisciplinary program educates students in modeling risks and consequences of random events, and the development of strategies to improve system safety and system security. Aligned with the research agenda of the newly created Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, the program requires a set of core courses in risk and economic assessment, and permits specialization in an application area. Program is available via distance education, and is targeted at professional employees in the aerospace industry. Although this program is interdisciplinary in nature, the MS degree is offered under the jurisdiction of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department.

Pre-requisites –
Students are expected to have taken the following courses prior to enrolling in the program. Deficiencies can be resolved after admission by taking pre-requisite courses.

ISE 460 – Engineering Economy or Equivalent
Math 408 – Mathematical Statistics or Equivalent

Required Core courses: (17 units)
ISE 550 Engineering Managem ent of Government Funded Programs (3 units)
ISE 561 Financial and Economic Decision Making (3 units)
ISE 562 Value and Decision Theory (3 units)
PPD 501 Public Sector Economics (4 units)
PPD 587 Risk Analysis (4 units)

Select 3 courses from one category below:

Cyber-Security(D): CSCI 530, CSCI 551, CSCI 555, CSCI 577a, CSCI 578; CSCI 556, CSCI 558L (concentration expects undergraduate degree in computer science or equivalent)
Environmental Security: CE513L, CE 523, CE554, ENE 510, ENE 516, ENE 518, ENE 535, ENE 580 (concentration expects undergraduate degree in environmental engineering, environmental studies or equivalent)
Critical Infrastructure: CE465, CE471, CE554, CE 560, CE 583, CE 589, EE510, EE516, EE525, EE550
Policy and Planning: PPD 541, PPD 542, PPD 554, PPD 555, PPD 561
Structural Safety: CE480, CE529a, CE536, CE541a, CE554, CE555, CE560 (concentration expects undergraduate degree in civil engineering or equivalent)
Systems(D): AME 549a, ISE 525, ISE 541, ISE 542, ISE 544

(D) = Concentrations can be completed on the School of Engineering Distance Education Network (DEN).

An elective is selected under approval of advisor to reach a minimum graduation requirement of 29 units.

For more information:

Evelyn Felina
Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
University of Southern California
3715 McClintock Avenue, GER 241
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0913
Ph: (213) 740-7549
Fax: (213) 740-1120

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