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Sunil Gavaskar at annual banquet, Ashwin and Aravindan win trophies


Brief History:

Colts Cricket Club is an international club of cricketers living in Southern California. The club is part of the Southern California Cricket Association. The club's home ground is the Woodley Cricket Fields at Van Nuys. Colts has traditionally been a predominantly Sri Lankan club but of late, the club has an equal number of Indians.

Colts used to be one of the best teams in the league in the first division for several years. Due to several changes in the team, Colts slipped to the 2nd division in 1994. In the season of 1995, Colts had an entirely new team. In spite of some fine individual performances, Colts slipped down further to the 3rd division following the season of 1995. The need for commitment from more members was felt. Ranesh Peiris took over as the Colts captain and did a fantastic job in regrouping the club. Thanks to the Trojan Cricket Club at USC, Colts acquired some talented players and more members contributed to the functioning of the club. In the season of 1996, Colts played in a very disciplined fashion under the inspiring leadership of Ranesh Peiris and won the 3rd division league championship and the third division playoffs. They were promoted to the 2nd division in the season of 1997. In 1997, the team changed a lot because of players moving out of Southern California but the core of the team remained the same. They finished third in the league as well as in the playoffs and are now once again promoted into the first division. The new Colts team consists of several talented youngters who enjoy their cricket a lot. The jovial friendship among the team members off the field carrying over to the immense camaraderie on the field is a hallmark of the Colts cricket club.

Club Committee:

President: Mervyn Fernando
Vice President: Sri Sagadevan
Secretary: Venkatesh Panchapagesan
Treasurer: Aravindan Wijayachandran
Director: Arvin Varma
Alt. Directors: Venu Javarappa and Ashwin Rao
Captain: Ranesh Peiris
Vice Captain: Ashwin Rao
Coach/Manager: Dr. Cyril Ernest
Selectors: Ranesh Peiris, Ashwin Rao, Aravindan Wijayachandran and Mervyn Fernando

Team members (with photos)


The 1996 season:

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    The 1997 season:

    Game 1 on March 23rd: Beat South Bay I
    Game 2 on April 12th: Beat Pacifica
    Game 3 on April 20th: Beat Caribbean II
    Game 4 on April 26th: Lost to South Bay I
    Game 5 on May 04th: Beat Inland Empire I
    Game 6 on May 17th: Beat Pioneer
    Game 7 on June 01st: Lost to Pacifica
    Game 8 on June 15th: Beat Inland Empire I
    Game 9 on June 22nd: Beat Caribbean II
    Game 10 on July 12th: Beat Pioneer

    Colts finished the league season with 12 wins and 4 losses and were placed in 3rd position at the end of the season. As a result, Colts have been promoted to the first division for the season of 1998.

    Individual Performances

    Captain's end of season report *NEW*

    Colts will play in the first division of the Southern California Cricket Association's league in the season of 1998. The season begins in March and until then, Colts is recruiting new members as some of its members are moving out of Southern California. During the season, Colts is expected to play about 20 games, with most of the games being 50-over games. All games will be played on either Saturdays or Sundays. Please contact Ashwin(rao@usc.edu) or Ranesh(peiris@sprynet.com) if you are interested in playing with the Colts cricket club this season. There is net practice on most Saturday mornings at the Woodley Cricket Fields.

    Season Schedule

    Ashwin J. Rao <rao@usc.edu>