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Program Fees

Below is a description of the program fees for the 2013-2014 terms for the USC Language Academy full-time Intensive English Program. All fees are due on or before the first day of classes. In order to make the check-in process easier, we encourage students to pay their program fees before arriving in the U.S. Full-time IEP students who pay before the Early Payment Deadline receive a $100 discount.

The program fee includes:
• Full-time instruction
• Textbooks and course materials
• Health insurance, tuberculosis screening and treatment
• Use of USC Student Health Center with USC staff
• Weekly activities at reduced or no cost
• Access to campus facilities: libraries, computer labs, gym, swimming pool, dining, medical and banking
• Student services including academic advising, USC ID card, e-mail account, orientation program and closing ceremony
• Express mail of admission materials
• Airport shuttle van pick up


2013-2014 Program Fees

Type of Fees 6-Week Summer Session 14-Week Semester Fall or Spring Explanation
Application Fee
Must be paid with application (non-refundable)
Program Fees*

Non-credit program fee includes tuition and services

Early Payment Discount
Included if total program fees (not including housing) are paid by the early payment deadline
Campus Housing Application Fee
Only for students who are requesting campus housing, non-refundable
Housing Fees
Includes rent, fees and, for 14-week semester, includes partial mealplan

* Meals, housing, travel and daily expenses are not included in the Program Fee. Only students enrolled full-time at the Language Academy are eligible to receive the early payment and re-enrollment discounts.

If you are interested in enrolling part-time, please visit our Part-Time Study page.

Please note that scholarships and financial aid are not available for the USC Language Academy program.


Payment Deadlines

Please review the Early Payment Deadlines below so you can save $100!


Early Payment Deadline*

Summer Session A
Summer Session B

May 2
June 27

*Early payment discounts apply to full-time Intensive English students only.

Students who pay program fees when they arrive must pay on or before the Start Day (first day of the program/orientation). Students who do not pay on or before the Start Day will be charged a $50 late fee for each week the payment is late.


Credits and Discounts

Early Payment Credit: If you pay before the early payment deadline, you will receive $100 discount. This discount is applicable for each term of study.

Re-enrollment Credit: When you enroll for an additional term of study at the Academy before the early payment deadline, you will receive a $100 semester or $50 session discount.


Estimation of Expenses-Average Per Month

The following are the estimated average living expenses per month. These expenses do not assume the student will own and operate a car while at USC. These expenses also do not include the program fees which are about $2500 per month.

Housing $800.00
Meals $250.00
Miscellaneous $200.00
Total Living Expenses/Month: $1250.00

Total for all education related expenses is about $1250.00 per month

Note: Add an additional $600/month for spouse and $300/month per child


Cancellations and Refunds

Application Fee: The Academy application fee is NOT refundable at any time.

Program Fee: You may receive a full refund of the tuition and service fee if you cancel in writing with the Academy Admissions Advisor any time before the start of Orientation. You may receive a refund of only the tuition if you cancel in writing after the start of the Orientation, but before the first day of classes. The service fee is not refundable once Orientation begins. You may receive a refund of 50% of the tuition if you cancel in writing on or before the end of the fifth day of classes. No refunds or program fee credits are available after 5:00 p.m. on the fifth day of classes.

Housing: If you cancel your reservation, the Housing Processing Fee is NOT refundable. However, the Housing Processing Fee IS refundable if we cannot reserve a space for you because housing is full. No refunds are available for housing fees.

Transfers: All student fees must be paid prior to transfering from the USC Language Academy to another program.

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