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Forms and Downloads

Forms and Downloads

Below you will find reimbursement forms for items purchased under the grant, independent contractor agreement forms for speakers brought in under the grant, as well as the semi-annual reporting forms for the Department of Justice. 


Travel and Non-travel Expenses Form

Please complete and sign the form with itemized receipts attached.  Note: USC requires additional information for first time reimbursees to be set up in the system, to do this, contact: Tiffany Fong

Contact: Tiffany Fong (
  • for reimbursements or the reimbursement process questions
  • to set up first time reimbursees into the USC system
  • to determin if information is already in the USC system
  • to send personal informaion

Independent Contractor Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements Form

This form should be used to pay for anyone who is not USC-affiliated.  They should complete pages 1-3, initial page 6, and sign page 7.  Pages 8 and 9 may be omitted.

Contact: Tiffany Fong ( for
  • independent contractor agreements questions

Semi-Annual Reporting

Individual College Reporting Form
Full Report

Here are the reporting forms for the DOJ Semi-Annual Report.  Each College must complete the Individual College Reporting Form each six months and send it to Todd Henneman who will compile all of the reports and submit them to the Department of Justice. 

The Full Report has been included here as a reference, but individual colleges do NOT need to complete this document.

Contact: Todd Henneman (

  • for reporting questions
  • to compile reports for Department of Justice submissions