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Intimate Partner Violence

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Intimate Partner Violence is often preceded by warning signs or red flags. The following are examples of behavior which indicate that a person may be abusive.

Does your partner:

  • Constantly want to know where you are or with whom you've been?
  • Accuse you of being unfaithful?
  • Criticize you all the time?
  • Prevent you from getting to work or school?
  • Resent the time you spend studying?
  • Get in the way when you're connecting with your family or friends?
  • Ask why you can't be like you were when you were first going out?
  • Get angry easily, especially when drinking?
  • Force you to account for every penny you spend?
  • Humiliate you in public?
  • Destroy your property or sentimental items?
  • Hit or punch you?
  • Use or threaten to use a weapon against you?
  • Say if you changed that they wouldn't abuse you?
  • Make excuses for his or her behavior?
  • Force you to have sex?
  • Blame you for his or her behavior?
  • Say that, if you changed, he or she wouldn’t hurt you anymore?

If someone answers yes to one or more of these questions, then he or she may be at risk for intimate partner violence.

Help Someone

Learn about helping someone experiencing intimate partner violence.

Resources on Dealing with or Leaving

Further resources on dealing with or leaving situations involving intimate partner violence.