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Graduate Assistant Help Request Form:

If you are a graduate assistant, and have registered for the new term (and your student account has been charged tuition & fees) but your department has not posted your tuition or health award to your account, please read the steps below to assist you in getting your bill settled.

  1. Please review the Graduate Assistant Handbook located at:
  2. Have you received an offer letter for your assistantship?
    If you have not received an offer letter for your assistantship, you will need to contact your faculty member or principal investigator or the designated graduate assistant coordinator in your academic department.
  3. Have you received, signed, AND returned your offer letter?
    If you have received and signed an offer letter, and if you believe you have meet all the requirements described in the handbook, please fill this form out as completely as possible and return it to the department. For other issues regarding your assistantship, please consult the GA handbook.
  4. Have you registered for, and been assessed tuition & fees for, the term specified in your offer letter?
    Graduate assistant awards pay only for tuition (may be full or partial awards) and health fees. Please note that the assistance credit may only be posted to your student account AFTER your account has been charged tuition & fees for the term. You are responsible for paying any tuition not covered by your award plus all other fees by the settlement deadline published in the schedule of classes for each term.

If you answered YES to all the questions above, please continue....


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Thank you.

Rev: 2/4/2016