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Student Financial Services

Canadian Tax Forms:

Please use this webpage to request a Canadian Tax TL11A form.
Forms will be emailed to student's official USC email address (ends in ''),
or, student may request 'pick-up' option with notification when form is ready.
Delivery Method:
'pdf' document emailed to student's official USC email address (ends in '')
Student will be notified by email to pick up original, signed document in PSB.

Calendar Year(s) Needed:
- (ie: 2012-2014 -or- 2012, 2013)  *required
Student Information:
*required; 10 digit USC-ID, no dashes...
Student Name:
Student's Official
USC Email:
  * end in ''.
If you have any questions or comments, please enter them here:


Please do not enter sensitive personal information.

Before submitting request, please be sure to:
select DELIVERY method and enter: year(s) to be reported,
name, email address, student's 10-digit USC-ID,
and any Question / Comment you may have...

Rev: 03/11/2015